Transforming Science Education
The Inspark Teaching Network is a global team of educators and experts creating and sharing next-generation courses to revolutionize science education and teach it as it really is: an exploration of the unknown, not just the mastery of what is known.
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The Inspark Teaching Network — A bold partnership
Inspark is the world's first digitally-powered teaching network, bringing together visionary education institutions and world-leading researchers committed to advancing science teaching and learning. We’re dedicated to improving the postsecondary success of disadvantaged students in entry­-level science courses everywhere.

The network is led by a partnership between the Center for Education Through Exploration (ETX) at Arizona State University and Smart Sparrow, with grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and NASA.
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Our Philosophy
Education through exploration. A key problem is that science is too often taught as an encyclopedic collection of settled facts to be mastered. It’s time for a more effective and authentic exploration-driven model for science learning.
Our Mission
To develop students’ 21st century critical thinking and problem solving skills through better science education. We motivate and engage students with personalized, interactive, adaptive, and transdisciplinary courses that bring science to life.

Why use our courses? — The Inspark difference

Project & Inquiry-Based
Centered around projects that explore real-world science problems and ask questions that real scientists are trying to answer today. This contextualizes the learning and makes it fun.
Active Learning
Designed to promote “learning by doing”. They engage students through scientifically-accurate, graphically-rich simulations and activities to help learners explore and understand complex concepts.
Adaptive Learning
Guides students through personalized learning journeys using adaptive feedback and pathways that are tailored to each individual’s knowledge, skills, and learning needs.
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I was able to open up my mind to topics that have always scared me (science and math) and I learned that I could enjoy it and that I was capable of doing it.
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