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A textbook replacement promoting active and personalized learning. BioBeyond is an introductory biology course using an inquiry-based curriculum proven to be effective.
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Our partners are leaders

Inspark Science Network partnered with Arizona State University's Center for Education Through eXploration in the development of course curriculum.

Proven to improve student outcomes

Independent evaluator showed an increase of up to half a letter grade compared to traditional textbooks.

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Helping today’s college students.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded Smart Sparrow a grant to develop the Inspark Science Network Smart Courses.

Higher end-of-course grades
SRI Education, the independent evaluator for the Gates Foundation-funded Next-Generation Courseware Challenge, estimated the impact on students’ end of course grades, for 1,800 students at 4 institutions, of the BioBeyond Smart Course (19 sections) compared to business as usual instruction (BAU; 8 sections). Results, based on analysis of course grades and controlling for prior cumulative college GPA, and other demographic and administrative variables, show a statistically significant positive impact on grades for three of the four institutions (p < .05).

The statistically significant improvements were roughly half a letter grade (+0.42 and +0.46 on a 0–4 scale with 4.0 being an A) for Arizona State University (fully online) and Miami Dade College respectively (blended/hybrid), and +0.26 for Mohave Community College (blended/hybrid).

The true power of the Inspark Science Network courseware is the simulations. I really feel that students that come out of the Life in the Universe class have a deeper understanding of what they’re doing compared to students from my other two courses.

Sally Watt, Professor,
Glendale Community College, AZ

The students found BioBeyond to be entertaining, spectacular, and something they never expected

Brian Shmaefsky, Professor,
Lone Star College-Kingwood, TX

HabWorlds has not only given my students a firm grounding in scientific principles and process, but it's given them a taste of the thrill of discovery as they search the skies for signs of life!

Stephan Martin, Professor,
Bristol Community College, MA
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